Oh, my gosh! I forgot it was friday! Here's this week's Fashion and Film Friday: The Notebook starring the gorgeous Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. I love this movie. Every time it's on Oxygen, I have to watch it! The Notebook is the story of summer love and teenage rebellion.

When Allie Hamilton meets Noah Calhoun, she can't stand him but after being forced to go on a date, she feels freedom and passion for the first time in her life. After her parents intervene and move Allie away, she becomes engaged to a richer man but her love for Noah never fades.

Not only does the notebook have beautiful 1940's costuming but the hair is amazing! hairstylists who also worked on movies such as Catch me if you Can, Girl interrupted, Chicago, Iron Jawed Angels and Big Fish showcased their amazing talents in The Notebook.
Costumes-Karyn Wagner
Hair- Coni Andress, Dale Brownell, Milton Buras

For next week's Friday Night Fashion and a Movie: Mona Lisa Smile

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