vintage style argyle and button socks with mustard handbag from Target via Va-Voom Vintage
vintage style mustard cardigan, mustard handbag, knee high socks and pin curls via Va-Voom Vintage

Here's my sad first attempt at trying pin curls and victory rolls. My hair doesn't curl well and it's been a while since I've done something aside from a ponytail. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Christmas is over!! It's not that I don't love the lights, the cookies and getting all dressed up. Its that I have an enormous family and so many places to go! 12 days of Christmas is no lie.

It was a great Christmas though, and my little Olivia really enjoyed her first holiday season and her very first white Christmas. The thing I really love about this time of year, though are the great sales! Pj and I ran out to Target this morning to pick up a baby swing for our little peanut. Oh, Target. How do I love you, let me count the ways.....

1.) "yucky yellow" purse. I guess it's more of a mustard color, but I lovingly call it "yucky yellow" because to be blunt, it's the color of breast fed baby poo. However, my association to poo does not keep me from squealing "EEeeeeee! It's a yucky yellow purse!" as I run down the aisles of the accessories section to snatch it up.

Not only is it yucky yellow (my new favorite color) but its big enough to fit my keys, wallet, baby wipes and over 10 cloth diapers.  I do adore my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag (It's so chic!) but I really don't like to lug it around the store just so I can pick up milk, cat litter and laundry detergent. The best thing about my lovely purse is that it was on sale.

2.) Mustard cardigan.Again, my new favorite color so I had to have it.

3.) Lovely Green Sweater. I adore green this time of year. Missouri is so gray and bleak. There's nothing that brightens me up like green.

4.) Knee-High Socks. The sock selection at Target is usually pretty good. It was a bit picked over today, being the day after x-mas, but I still found a few fabulous pairs, some with buttons, some argyle and all various colors of vintage style.

Socks- Target
Purse- Target