Yesterday was a pretty productive day, in that I finally finished tackling the laundry that I let get out of hand over spring break and got to break in my new mop! After a day of housework, Olivia and I went to her girl scout meeting and I brought my knitting along to work on while chatting with the other moms.
 plus size vintage fashion from Va-Voom Vintage

I'm finally on the finish line for my chunky green cardigan and already thinking of what my next knitting project should be. I've never knitted anything with buttons so I may do some kind of button-up cardigan but there are also some beautiful pull-over patterns out there too.I've been looking at the gorgeous collection of free vintage knitting patterns from Subversive Femme. 
Here are just a couple of favorites from Bex:

                  {here}                                          {here}                                                {here}

I think I'm leaning towards the short sleeve one right now, just because I know that by the time I'm done knitting a cardigan, it'll be very hot in St. Louis!

For my housework day, I wore a retro tee shirt and cotton skirt that I made years ago with this cute 1950s salt and pepper mill kitchen fabric. I didn't do anything with my hair today so I tied it up in a scarf turban.

plus size vintage fashion with bakelite bangles from Va-Voom Vintage

My green sweater is one of my favorites. I love the color and lacy texture. It's actually one of those modern cardigans that is supposed to me worn open with a draped fullness hanging down the front but I like to wear it folded one end over the other and tucked into my skirt as a wrap top.

I wore a stack of black and green Bakelite bangles. The rhinestone bangle is actually a transparent blue when you hold it up to the light. The patina over the decades has turned it black.

bakelite rhinestones and carved bangles from va-voom vintage