plus size vintage 1950s summer dress from Va Voom Vintage

I woke up early to thunder and rain slamming into our tin awnings. My favorite thing to do during an early morning storm is make a cup of tea and knit before the kids wake up. We thought for sure that my roofer husband would be off work but the storm cleared and the sun came out! Since it was such a pretty day (and I love the fresh rain smell) the kids and I went for a walk to the nearby Eco Park, which has a little gazebo and pond close to the river.

plus size vintage 1950s summer dress and bakelite from Va Voom Vintage
plus size vintage 1950s summer dress and bakelite bangle bracelets from Va Voom Vintage

 Isn't this hexagon bangle interesting? I found it recently at an antique mall for $5. I thought the plastic jewels were odd and maybe a later add on but @bakeltecrazy on Instagram said they're original and its from the 60s and was kind enough to forward some pics from her incredible collection. Pretty neat! If you're a new Bakelite hunter, check out my post on How to Identify Bakelite

On our walk, the kids collected a few cattails and special rocks while I snapped some pictures of one of my favorite 1950s dresses. I had planned on wearing a gorgeous 40s dress today but since I have to catch up on a little laundry, I thought I'd wear something more comfortable and practical for housework and climbing stairs all day.

Olivia is on spring break this week, which has been a challenge. There's something about spring break that makes perfectly wonderful siblings fight like cats and dogs. So, today while I do laundry, they're making glue and borax slime. Daily fun activities and projects seem to keep the fighting and tattling to a minimum. I'll definitely have to stock up on craft supplies before summer break!

1950s dress- warehouse sale
chartreuse cardigan-Target
assorted Bakelite bangles
acorn brooch- Luxulite
t strap shoes- Amerimark