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 1940s pig tail victory rolls v for victory brooch and pendleton 49er

The weather this weekend has been so beautiful in St Louis. I happily opened all of the windows and tried to get as much outdoor time as possible. On Saturday, we decorated for Halloween and played with the kids in the back yard while we did the end of year weed pulling and trimming.

1940s pig tail victory rolls v for victory brooch and pendleton 49er

I wore blue  Pendleton jacket with a new V for Victory brooch. I made some of these for the shop but I decided to change them up a bit and embroider "Victory" along the little banner. The design is based on an original war era bakelite V for Victory brooch but I love the make do and mend look of the felt. They're available in my shop, Wacky Tuna Vintage

1940s style V for Victory wartime brooch felt from Wacky Tuna Vintage

The jeans are thrifted from Venezia by Lane Bryant. They're straight leg and long enough for a deep cuff, similar to the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans but I think I like a GV's a little better. Still not bad and they have a decent high waist, very comfortable.

plus size 1940s style casual jeans,pendleton jacket and victory rolls

I also tried a new hair style today, totally by accident. My hair was a mess from a heavily teased beehive the day before so I pinned some curls and rolls here and there, pulled it into pigtails and added some of my handmade hair bows in cute repro feedsack prints. Stay tuned tomorrow for a tutorial on this easy style

1940s victory rolls with pigtails and hair bows 1940s victory rolls with pigtails and hair bows V for Victory brooch

o u t f i t
pendleton jacket- warehouse sale
70s peach button up blouse- thrifted
V for Victory Brooch- Wacky Tuna Vintage
Lane Bryant Jeans-Thrifted
Aris Allen Rug Cutter wedges- ebay
hair bows- Wacky Tuna Vintage


  1. The entire look is adorable, but I especially love your hair--what a great way to extend a set, especially since I work evenings in a theatre.

  2. You are so cute! Pretty sure I couldn't pull off the hairdo. but I love the jacket and pin!

  3. Love everything about this outfit! The hair do is fabulous!!!

  4. Ohhhh so cute and scream Fall weather-I love love love it! Your hair looks amazing! xox

  5. I dream of having hair skills like you have! So cute, love your outfit :)

  6. perfect outfit, you look a million dollars in it! xxx

  7. I love everything about this outfit! You need to do a tutorial for your hair, I love it!!

  8. My word, this look is so super cute! Your hair is perfect, and works so well with the rest of your outfit ~ I so want to replicate this look, though I know I could never get my hair looking so cute! And it'll have to wait until next autumn now. The bummer of being south of the equator when everyone else is north! ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  9. Yep, seriously love this outfit! I'm always worried to try out pigtails. I'm nervous it will make me look far too young, but I think a Pendleton type garment could help sophisticate the outfit a bit to balance that out. I'll have to ponder a way to do it, because this is just too cute!

  10. You look GREAT!!!! Love the outfit so much and your hair is awesome.

  11. What an adorable look and love that hair!!!

  12. You look so lovely! The colours of your outfit are wonderful and so bright.
    And your hair looks great!

  13. Great outfit and fair do. Very cute brooch too,

  14. Seriously cute outfit! That blue Pendleton, has to be one of my favourites they ever created.

    ♥ Jessica

  15. Wowza, you look FABulous! I envy how you can pull off jeans...I end up looking like an oompaloompa. Gorgeous hair xx

  16. What a fantastic outfit... you look so comfy and seasonal! And I do love that hairdo... I'll have to see if I can coerce my rather poorly behaved leftover curls to do something similar today.

  17. I love a lovely accidental hair-do! I simply adore it!


  18. This really is a WONDERFUL look!

    I have just discovered your blog today (I'm not sure how...) and I love it! It's wonderfully appealing. I just love vintage stuff and you have a great knack for pulling it all together. The photographs are to die for along with the topics you choose. Great content and visually exciting. I WILL be back!


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