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I hope that everyone (in or out of the US for that matter) had a lovely 4th of July! We went to my  grandma's house for a barbeque, dip in the pool and annual fireworks show put on by Pj and my step dad. This is the 2nd year in a row that I've worn a Wearing History outfit. Last year, I wore my much-loved sailor playsuit (see it here and here)

This year, I wore my beloved Wearing History overalls. I'll admit, I don't usually splurge on a pattern. I usually pick them up on etsy for less than $10 or buy them on mega sale at the fabric store but every once in a while a seriously amazing pattern catches my eye and if it's practical enough to justify the extra expense, I'll gladly buy it. Just a week before the announcement of this new pattern, I was thinking "I desperately need some vintagey jeans". I lived in my Heyday trousers and wool skirts last winter and wore my other overalls to the point of retirement.

 This gorgeous pattern comes with overalls and trousers, which can  be made in denim with lovely top stitching for jeans or made without pockets for a swing trouser look, much like the beauties from Heyday and other repro companies. You can also make an adorable playsuit (which would be darling with the sailor playsuit skirt worn over) and a super cute baseball cap, which I will have to make at a later date. This pattern is available in paper for $30 or print at home pdf format for $10.

I used two bakelite buttons for the straps and matching red plastic buttons on the side closure. I salvaged these bakelite buttons from my old pair of overalls that I made a few years ago. I found them at a local antique mall and love them! This fabric is a pretty light weight denim so I can survive the heat and humidity of St Louis summers while I work in the victory garden.

I did a little top stitching on the pockets, waistband and bodice in light yellow thread.

I wore some of my red and butterscotch bakelite bangles to match

This pattern is one of my new favorites and will be sewn up in all varieties of trousers, jeans and overalls this summer and fall. The jeans were an absolute dream to make, requiring no adjustments to the pattern at all. I did have to make some small adjustments to the overalls pattern due to my measurements. I think I will make a few small changes to the overall bodice for next time but overall I'm extremely pleased with this pattern. For reference for my curvy sisters out there, my current measurements are 44-34-46 and I used the C pack, size 44 for my overalls and jeans. I will get those jeans photographed and posted very soon!

For another gorgeous look at this pattern, check out Stephanie's version on her blog, The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart.


  1. Beautiful! I love the details.

  2. Love this! Your overalls are just as cute as Stephanie's. I am determined to get this pattern and make my own jeans instead of buying them. I know it costs a heckuva lot less!

  3. You look adorable and I LOVE the buttons! The overalls compliment you so well! You did a fantastic job mama! xox

  4. They really suit you, love the buttons :) Well done! xox

  5. Oh Brittany, those are wonderful! So, so cute on you. I love overalls! I was so excited about this pattern when it came out that I pre-ordered it, but it may be until fall before I get to them. I loved seeing Stephanie's version and now yours, what a winner of a pattern!

  6. Well you just go 'head on and work it, girl! Lovin' it from over here.

  7. Love your version! I too am so in love with this pattern! I need to make the pants version for this fall!

  8. nice! I'm sure my wife woud like to have one like it,
    they look verry good on you; hope to se more of you soon; mayby a picture for pin up Monday for on my blog

    feel free to follow

  9. Show-stoppingly splendid overalls! From the top stitching to the Bakelite buttons, you really created a covetable, beautiful pair of pants here, darling gal - and one that, may I add, look completely marvelous on you. How fun that you wore a Making History outfit two years in a row - is a tradition in the works here? :)

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Cute! x

  11. What a beautiful outfit! I love those overalls you are wearing. I think I need a good pair of feminine overalls, you know, one's with a waist. I really like the look of them and they're perfect for working on things in style. Do you have any suggestions for cheaper patterns to make similar overalls like these or just female overalls with a waist in general besides this one? I'm curious if they're other options lying around even if they're hard to get if it is an old vintage pattern. I really love how you used the red buttons in your overalls, they make the denim really look good and flattering. The yellow shirt goes so well too. I love the quirky style of your outfit overall (lol, overalls) a lot. You did such a good job on making them!


    1. They really are flattering! If you want to do it on a budget, I'd either go with this pattern in the print at home for $10 or you can buy a trouser pattern that you really love and draft your own pattern for the bodice, back and straps. I did that with my previous overalls, using a modern trouser pattern: and I used Butterick 5250. Those needed some adjustments because that pants pattern zips up the front so I had to add a placket to the side for the buttons (or you could do a zipper with decorative buttons) and although they are fitted in the waist, they don't have a waistband like the wearing history version. If you don't mind making some changes to the pattern, you could add a waistband too but $10 for the print at home saves a lot of time, for sure! If you've never used a print at home pattern, you print it on regular paper, tape the pieces together according to the instructions, and cut it out. You can also trace that onto a roll of paper or muslin so you don't have any overlaping paper in the finished pattern.

  12. Great job Brit, you are so talented.

  13. Those fit you so well! I've had my eye on that pattern for a while now that I know it's easy to make I'll be adding it to my wish list.

  14. Soooo cute! Once again I am insanely jealous of your ability to sew! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  15. Thanks for posting your results.
    I grabbed this pattern as soon as I heard about it and it's been sitting on my work table waiting for me to make a trial pair of overalls from some left over fabrics to check the fit before I commit to a denim.
    Did you line the bodice or bib part of the overalls?


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