Lewis and Clark Heritage Days


What a gorgeous day to get out and play! This morning, we took the kids down to Historic Main Street for the annual Lewis and Clark Heritage Days, which is something Pj looks forward to every year. St Charles is the site of the beginning of the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the west. They set out from this river front area and headed all the way to the Pacific. Clark wrote in his journal of St Charles,

 “ 12oClock a number Spectators french & Indians flocked to the bank to See the party.  This village is about one mile in length…and about 450 inhabitents chiefly French, those people appear pore, polite & harmonious.”

The weekend includes fife and drum corps, canon demonstrations, military camps and food, music and games from the period.


In May, this tree produces puffs of seed pods that float through the park and cover the ground in snowy cotton. The kids and I had fun catching them.

It was a warm day but nice and breezy by the river, as always so I decided to wear my tiki dress that I made last summer (which I haven't worn since!) I used Mrs Depew's beach bustier pattern for the top, a pencil skirt that I had in my stash for the skirt and a long rectangular sash attached only to one side of the skirt that I can drape across and pin at the hip. I also made a matching bolero since I'm not much of a halter top girl. I found this rayon tiki print fabric at Hancock Fabrics on mega sale last summer.  I had great plans to wear my carved fish shoes but since we planned to walk all day, I opted for the crocs flats instead.


  1. What a beautiful day out!!! xox

  2. That looks like a fabulous day out, and I love your dress.

  3. How fun! We love going to the festivals down there that have a lot of the costumes going on. We took our son to Tartan Days a few weeks ago and he was entertaining all the ladies with his dancing to the drums. I noticed they had some civil war era costumes going that weekend. It was pretty neat and our family does better at the lower key festivals like that one. I had no idea you were that close to us (we're in Florissant in NoCo).

  4. nice day out, always nice to learn something about history. I try to do the same with my kids. that's also a part of vintage living

  5. That looked like a great day out. I love historical visits myself and it has rubbed off on the kids (I am waiting on a big day coming up here in the summer called the Bruce festival which will be kilts and clay-mores).

  6. What an enjoyable looking outing. I've always (and I'm sure this won't come as a big shock to anyone who knows me ;)) been drawn to any kind of historical themed day, park, parade - you name it, there's just something to special and fantastic about celebrating the past through reenactments in the present.

    ♥ Jessica


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