A Birthday Day!


Saturday was my best friend, Amanda's birthday as well as the celebration for my niece's 3rd birthday so I got to get out of the house and party all day long!

 I wore my barkcloth circle skirt, which I made from a curtain panel. I love the colors and print and thought it would be perfect for spring. 

 The day started with a short trip to the antique mall with Amanda.  I bought this beautiful pair of deadstock pink gloves and Pj bought this vintage "Mother" necklace for me.

 My niece's birthday party was in the afternoon. She's 3 and loves things with wheels so we bought her a little pink shopping cart full of play food so she can shop to her heart's content! On the way to the birthday party, I started having my first contractions. *YIKES* Once we arrived at the party, I sat down and stayed put most of the time and baby Rhys stayed put as well! :)

After the little one's party, we picked up the other birthday girl and headed out to a fun, kitschy BBQ restaurant called Ethyl's in O'Fallon, MO. We were met by a bunch of her friends and family to celebrate. The food was delicious and the company was very entertaining.
retro maternity fashion via Va-Voom Vintage

 After dinner, we went to the bookstore and took Amanda out for some birthday ice cream. We bought a book for Olivia about being a big sister and had fun reading some of the other "growing up" books in the children's section...

 baby update: Oh, another baby update! I had to run to the doc on Friday. I was feeling a really intense low pressure like this kid is going to fall right out! The doc said I'm 2cm dilated and 70% effaced! He told me to try to get through the weekend to next week so little Rhys's lungs can develop a bit more. They expect me to go at any time now. I can't wait to meet him!!

Outfit Details
vintage barkcloth skirt- handmade by me
pink knit blouse- thrifted
black maryjanes- thrifted
50's deadstock pink gloves- St Charles antiques
vintage "Mother" necklace- gift from Pj
vintage lucite and wicker purse- Creve Coeur antiques


  1. How exciting!! Will be glued to blogger waiting to here the news!

    You look gorgeous, as ever!

    Loveaudrey xxx

  2. Sounds like a very fun day!

    Exciting news on the baby front!

  3. How exciting! All the best, can't wait for the news.

  4. LOL, the look on your face (reading that book) is priceless!

  5. hehe- That was one graphic book!! It really didn't sugar-coat anything on the "how babies are made" topic. It looked like a great book for parents who really want their kids to know the honest truth. The "growing up" section had some hilarious kids books!!

  6. Oh my god, you're about to pop! I can't believe they're expecting you to hold him in so long if you've already started to dilate! Hope all goes well, we shall expect the baby update soon :D

  7. Wow how exiting! Like everyone else, can't wait to hear the news!

  8. Oh my, you had an eventful day! :) All the best miss…. Tups xxx

  9. What excitement! we are all waiting for further news .... I think this baby has many "aunts"around the world that want to know he.

  10. now you know how you got in your "condition!" LOL

    What an adorable tot! Nice score with the gloves, too. I love gloves but my hands are usually too big :0(


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