Mommy Things: Entertaining a Terrible Two


The Terrible Two's
Olivia will be two in October. She's really starting to explore, experiment and communicate her feelings.
 Earlier this week, she explored the inside of the toilet bowl. Yesterday, she experimented with an entire bottle of cinnamon all over the kitchen. Today, she communicated that she wanted to watch tv instead of mommy doing yoga so she threw a big frickin' toy at my head while I was in downward facing dog pose.
When I consulted my mother this afternoon she said "Yeah, they don't call it the terrible two's for no reason!"

After much thinking and trying to determine the best course of action, I decided that she needs a thorough beating. to be re-directed to interesting activities that appeal to her need to explore and get a little messy. I'm going to try to create a better environment for curious little people and plan activities to encourage exploring and experimentation without destroying the house or murdering their mother.

I always liked the idea of the Montessori method of learning. Although my kids won't attend pre-school, there's no reason why we can't do some Montessori pre-school activities and lessons at home! The Montessori method encourages a child to have freedom and independence while learning through all five senses, which I think will be excellent for a two year old. It involves a lot of practical life skills (like making a sandwich, cleaning up your own messes, watering plants, etc) and Olivia already loves to help unload the dishwasher so I think things like this will be right up her alley!

 Today, my mission is to create a good space to learn and play in. A toy box isn't a good way to store her things because everything ends up at the bottom of the box and she has to dump it all out to find what she wants. Thoughout the week, we'll be doing craft projects, counting and shapes, practical life skills and science experiments. Here are some of the spaces and ideas that I'm totally in love with, thanks to Pinterest.
 There are links to the how-to's on my Stay at Home Montessori board
I love the simplicity of this set-up!

book shelves made from curtain rods


indoor herb garden

 Wish me luck!


  1. My youngest daughter will be two at the end of this month. We have been practicing Montessori in our home for over 14 years and I totally believe it makes a huge difference. The biggest advice I can give is to look around your home and think how can I help Olivia "do it myself" (as toddlers love to say) I love creating little spaces for her right along side the rest of us. I have a desk, she has a desk -with real tools like mine. Anyway I could go on and on so I will stop myself. I am excited to see what it will look like in your home. Sew Liberated is a favorite Montessori blog if you don't already follow.

  2. I have a 2yr old and a 6 yr old and, boy, can I relat to this post! I'm an avid reader of Coedith's blog and I find aspects of the Montessori approach work really well for us. So much of parenting is about giving our children independence, I think theye're so much happier and cnotent when they feel they have it. What's that expression about roots and wings?!

    Loveaudrey xXx

  3. Thank you both! I'll check out that blog for sure! I'm really excited to start a montessori home life with her. She is already so independent and interested in doing everything on her own, which I -love-! If anyone has any tips, ideas or links, please share!!

  4. My mother in law did this with my son since all the preschools were co-op and I worked, and he's a genius! Good luck to you! It looks fun! Love that little herb garden! So cute! :)

  5. Oh I sympathise! You should also take a look around the homeschooling world- there are so many wonderful blogs with superb ideas I run across in the course of my homeschooling day :) They certainly have great ideas for entertaining all those who are still too young for school!
    I can also attest to the fact that blocks, legos, playdoh, crayons, sandboxes (or an indoor one made using cornmeal) with toy cars, toy trains are all good :)

  6. This post made me laugh about a dozen times! As a mommy who has gone through two two year olds, it brought back memories. One suggestion is to have a 'pig' day where you strip your kid down and let them play (outside or in the bathtub) with catsup, honey (if they are old enough), whipped cream, etc and let them go to town. They will make a mess, but they love every minute of it and it makes for wonderful pictures. Oh! I just remembered- cold noodles! They love to feel them through their hands.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

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  8. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Good luck with it! I think I shall be following your progress because I have a funny feeling I shall need something of the like with Theodore when he gets older.

    He's already getting bored and he's only 15 weeks old!! > o <

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  9. I love the pig day idea! When I was about 7, my sister and I played in our sandbox right after it rained. We were covered in mud,head to toe. I remember my mom getting SO mad because we were filthy. She yelled " you look like little piggies, covered in mud!" LOL! We loved it, though!! :)

  10. The more you keep her active the better all around for her and for your sanity. My two eldest love to help out and do activities and I change it up everyday so they get different stimulations :) Ahh toddlers are fun! lol xox

  11. I have no experience but was going to direct you to Coedith however I see she's already commented!

    Good luck!

  12. I went to a Montessori pre-school and remember liking it pretty well (of course, I think most kids still really like school when they're three!). My mom and grandmothers made alphabet finger puppets for my class, which were really adorable. Good luck with your homeschool Montessori!

  13. Luck luck luck (I am of Irish descent, my Great Grandparents came from Ireland, so it has to be 3 times apparently lol). My littlie is 2 years 7 months and although he has just started to amuse himself a bit, he usually wants Mama to play with him. Sometimes its a long day living in the world of the toddler. There are loads of craft sites out there for little ones, but sometimes the effort is just not appreciated and a blob of home made play dough would have sufficed. My favorite site is Filth Wizardry by the way, if you go back to the start of her blog, her children were younger then, so more appropriate for our children s age group. Anyone who calls playing with cardboard boxes an activity is alright in my book lol.
    I will be watching to see how it pans out for you.
    Link for Filth Wizardry (the link is at the start)

  14. What great ideas! I just love your blog - thank you

  15. Love this, I can't believe how similar we are! My daughter turned 2 on 29th sep 2011 and I also love the Montesorri method! X


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