On Saturday, we took the kids to Main Street, St Charles for a breakfast picnic by the river. There's a beautiful park with a view of the Missouri River and a little walking trail next to a historic train station. We picked up juice, muffins and hot breakfast sandwiches from the grocery store and found a nice little picnic table. We love breakfast picnics because we often get wrapped up in being busy throughout the day. If we plan a lunch picnic, we're usually in the middle of something and we say "Oh, let's do it tomorrow instead". With breakfast picnics, we get a beautiful, sunny start to the day and we get to have our fun first thing.

There was a race with dogs and their owners all around the park and they had dog activities and balloon animals for the kids. We got to watch the parade of probably 100 dogs while we ate our breakfast.

After breakfast and a walk through the festival, we went up a block to Main Street for a walk around the beautiful old buildings. Most of these buildings are little gift shops, candy shops and some private homes and apartments. Its beautiful to walk around in the morning or night, when none of the shops are open and the tourists are gone. We live within walking distance of Main Street but rarely walk down! Now that the weather is cooling off, I think we'll go much more often.


This beautiful red vintage jacket and little polka dot dress was sent to me last fall as a gift from a blog reader. I am so excited to finally be able to wear jackets again because this is one of my favorites!

vintage corduroy jacket- gift from a reader
navy polka dot dress- gift from a reader
nautical heart brooch- little consignment shop in Sullivan, Missouri
flats- Walmart
scarves in turban- thrifted