I woke up early, thinking it was Saturday morning but it is, in fact Wednesday. Part of being a housewife is that you're never really sure what day it is until its the weekend. I do kind of love week days, though. When the house is empty and its just me and our hamster, Zozo, who parties all night and sleeps all day. By 8:00, my house plants are basking in the sun and I turn the tv off, turn my scented wax warmers on and there's just the droning of the dryer turning in the basement.

I've been neglecting my chores for the past few days so today I have to crack down and get some work done but first I brew some coffee in my french press and sit on the porch, watching the cars go by. I stretch my legs out to rest my feet on the railings and sip my iced coffee. In the summer, clumsy bumble bees and hummingbirds fight over the obedient plant in the garden and praying mantis perch on the porch railings next to my feet but now that everything is cold and drying up, its just me.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend, Daffny about housewife clothes. No one sees me except the bus driver and the mail carrier so why bother getting dressed up? Some days I definitely don't get out of my pajamas. But I realized on pajama days, I don't get anything done. When I get dressed, fix my hair and put on makeup, I'm a productivity machine. I dust every nook, wash the windows, sweep under the sofa and even find time to sew or knit after the clean laundry is put away. Housewives have work to do and you can't go to work in your pajamas with your hair unbrushed.

On housework days, I like to wear cotton dresses. They're easy to slip into and easy to wash. I have several that are old and show their age through wear so I don't have to worry about messing them up. If I have to run errands, they look nice enough to be in public view. Today I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses, a little 50s cotton sleeveless dress that looks cute with any color cardigan in my closet. I don't wear a lot of accessories on housework days either. Bakelite bangles get gross with my hands in the sink and brooches snag as I'm hauling laundry. Today, I decided to try one of my vintage sweater clips that I haven't worn yet. This pretty gold clip has little flowers with rhinestone petals and was a gift from a blog reader.  I ordered some new shoes from ebay that I was hoping would arrive today because they would look so cute with today's dress and what to do you know? They did! They run a little small but I'm breaking them in this week with some thick socks underneath. I think after a day or so of wear, they should be perfect!

1950s dress
thrifted black cardigan
vintage sweater clip- gift from a reader