I've lived in my city for most of my life. We've moved only about 30 minutes from where I was born and my house that I live in now is just 5 minutes from the first house that I lived in. You'd think that 31 years in the same city, I would pretty much have seen it all by now.

This morning, I walked a straight line from my front door, across a parking lot and a street, through a park, over a trail and into the woods. The light looked so pretty through the trees. As my camera soon made me realize, the light was a bit harsh being almost 11:00. I spied a leaf- covered trail nearby and climbed through some branches and over a small hill to find trail that I've never seen before. The light on the trail was also very strong so I walked down to a shady spot and to my surprise, I came upon a bridge!

I've walked near this area countless times and never knew this beautiful little bridge was so close to home! A dirt path covered in leaves wound through a clear river bottom forest. When the river is very high, this area may flood so that towns down stream do not. According to a sign on the trail, there used to be a neighborhood and a boat launch here but decades of terrible flooding wiped out the houses and you can't even tell that this area was ever anything except a forest. Pj called me on his lunch break while I was on the bridge and he said "Oh yeah, I've been there. I've taken the kids there a few times." so I guess I'm the only on who didn't know about it!

While exploring the trail, I came upon a second little bridge and an elderly man walking a little white and gray shih tzu. I said good morning and like the lady yesterday he asked, "Did you find any beautiful things for your photos?" I said "Yes! It's so pretty here and its funny, I didn't even know this trail was here!" he said, " Oh yes, the two foot bridges. It looks like a tree fell on that one." and he pointed to the second that I hadn't crossed yet. His little dog barked and growled and he said "She growls at anyone who doesn't give her enough attention!" The wind blew through and a shower of leaves danced down through the branches and he and his little pup went on their way.

vintage 70s shirt
vintage circle skirt
thrifted red boots
thrifted leather belt
thrifted faux leather bag from Target
vintage guitar brooch