The Dress that Took 2 Years to Sew


About 2 years ago, I found a really cute 1950s shirtwaist dress in the prettiest pink cotton fabric. It had a few rips in the fabric and rust spots from the buttons and it was very very small. I thought I could at least use the fabric in the skirt to make a new skirt for myself so I kept it in a bin in the basement for later use.

plus size vintage fashion pink day dress diy trashy diva dress va-voom vintage with Brittany

While scrolling through Pinterest one day, I spotted the darling Hopscotch Dress from Trashy Diva and fell in love with i. I thought I could probably sew my own version. In came the pink shirtwaist. 

I removed the skirt, set it aside and used the sleeves and tiny bodice to carefully cut a new bodice for my dress. I didn't have a pattern so I cut one out of tissue paper, had Pj help me pin it to myself and marked the darts and gathers down the front. For the little under-shirt part, I bought a little bit of white swiss dot fabric and used Simplicity's 1692 top view C for a pattern and slit the neckline down a bit, like the hopscotch dress. I top stitched my pink bodice to the white top, which was tricky to line up properly.

Then, I stashed it all in a box for 2 years.

plus size vintage fashion pink day dress diy trashy diva dress va-voom vintage with Brittany

This weekend, while Pj was recovering from being sick, I decided to open the windows to enjoy the beautiful sunny day and get some old unfinished projects out. While digging through some boxes in the basement, I saw this fabric peeking out and got all excited to finish it, just in time for warm weather. I took it for a spin this afternoon and although St. Louis has been gorgeous for weeks, it's absolutely freezing today!

I gathered the skirt to fit my waist and attached it to the bodice. Then, I sewed a collar from a scrap of white fabric, finished the sleeve edges and put a zipper in the side. I think I need some pink or white buttons down the front just like the Trashy Diva dress. I love how it turned out! I'll probably make this dress again with a fuller skirt.  Hopefully it won't take another two years!


  1. The dress turned out fabulous. Love the combination of the white with the pink. I agree, it needs some cute buttons to finish it off. Cheers, Michele

  2. The color combo looks great. You did a great job making it close to the inspiration dress. Lovely up-recycle project.

  3. What a lovely dress. Congrats on finally finishing it!

  4. You have do be a magnificent job!

  5. Wow! This dress has turned out fabulous! I do the same thing all the time.. i.e. leave a project unfinished for years.. or worse.. plan on a sewing project and never get around to doing it until years later.. I'm hoping to change it this year though, and I think your sewing projects will continue to be an inspiration for me! xo Gwen

  6. So cute! Pink looks awesome on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. hello there, super stylish,chic look...thre pink dress is a work of Art indeed...cheers!

  8. Oh, I have so been here...I have a few pieces just like this. You finishing yours is certainly an inspiration! Plus downright adorable!



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