Lately, I've been redecorating my living room in a retro/ Scandinavian style. I love the bright, light look and sleek (often vintagey) lines of Scandinavian design and my husband loves the incorporation of rustic elements, nature and functionality. It really is a perfect compromise for us!  While pinning the crap out of Scandinavian design inspiration last week (see my pin board!), I realized I should definitely make a beautiful woven wall hanging.

DIY Scandinavian Woven Wall Hanging with drift wood

I've only ever woven those fabric loop pot holders as a kid but its basically the same thing, right? I dug around in my basement and scavenged some supplies:

a big picture frame for a loom
some cotton string for the warp threads
a wire hanger for a hook to pull the yarn through
a fork to comb the weaving down
random yarn from my stash
wool roving
plastic needle with a large eye for weaving in the ends
90s movies to entertain me while I was a weaving couch potato all day

About 12 hours later, I had most of a wall hanging. I finished up the next morning after breakfast. We took a walk to the river and I found a couple of perfect drift wood sticks to hang the weaving on. It has a lot of mistakes, some tightness at the top and my triangle is pretty craggy looking but not bad for a first attempt! After realizing that I could probably improve next time, I found a few fantastic weaving tutorials online for any of you who would like to give it a try! Its a great way to use up scrap yarn and its very easy to do while relaxing on the sofa in the evenings.

Weaving Class- The Basics from A Beautiful Mess
Weaving for Beginners with Annabel Wrigley from Creative Bug   (multi-part You Tube series)

I'm having so much fun with weaving and Pj is already working on building some different sized looms and making proper tools for me. I'm thinking about weaving an area rug eventually but I don't know if I could stand having all of those hours of hard work being walked all over! I may stick to wall hangings. Have you ever tried weaving?