I'm doing a little living room redecorating and bought a pretty gray slip cover for my mustard colored sofa last week. It definitely needed some throw pillows, though. The trouble is,  I could never find just the right thing on my tight budget so I printed my own with custom made stamps.

DIY custom printed throw pillows make your own fabric print stamps

Instead of buying cotton fabric, I checked my stash for a plain white bed sheet. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I'm trying to narrow my linen closet down to just a few sheet sets per bed. Instead of tossing the old or mismatched sheets, I save them for craft projects or building blanket forts.

For the Stamps:
craft foam (the kind for kids craft projects)
hot glue
acrylic paint
a few paint brushes

Cut out some shapes in the craft foam. I cut some semi-circles, triangles and fish shapes (bodies and tails separate). Cut two of each shape.

glue the foam shapes together with hot glue and glue the stacked pieces to a piece of cardboard. Having two layers of foam makes a thicker stamp.

Use a paint brush to apply paint liberally to your stamp

Stamp on the fabric, pressing firmly, especially in the middle. Carefully remove the stamp

If your stamp had some blank spots in the middle, you can leave it for a hand-stamped look or fill it in with your paint brush. Sometimes, the lines will look uneven. You can even them out with the paint brush or leave them as-is. In this project, I found that any accidental smudges or drops of paint gave it some character, like I meant to do that, so I didn't stress too much over it.

When your stamped shapes dry, you can paint details on with a fine paint brush.

When the paint is dry, lay a sheet of paper over the top and iron on low to set it and iron out the little wrinkles in the fabric. The acrylic paint is now permanent and your pillows can be machine washed and dried.

Sew a back on, stuff the pillow and sew up the hole! Oh, for pillow stuffing, you can buy pillow stuffing or forms at the craft store but you can also use thrift store throw pillows or old pillows from around the house.