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St Louis has finally had a break in the nasty winter weather and the sun came out for a 70 degree afternoon. It was too beautiful to stay inside so Pj, Rhys and I went on a walk to the river to enjoy the warmth before its gone again.

Brittany Va Voom Vintage red orange hair color

plus size retro nautical fashion Brittany Va Voom Vintage red orange hair color

vintage nautical heart brooch

I colored my hair last night. I love the first day of a fresh red. I pin curled it and it looked pretty fantastic this morning but the wind had its way with my curls and they were soon all over the place. I used Clairol Flare 6RR  mixed with 1/4 tube of Ion Color Brilliance Neon Brights in Blood Orange.
clairol flare ion color brilliance blood orange red hair color Va Voom Vintage with Brittany

My color fades pretty quickly so I put the remaining Ion color in a bottle of conditioner to refresh the color every time I wash it. I've never done that before but I read that it helps with vibrant colors like orange and red so we'll see how it works! I rinsed last night in cool water, which was not my favorite thing to do but I read that cool water helps color last longer than hot. So, I guess I'll need to pick up a shower cap to protect it while the water is hot. I've been wanting to try Overtone color, which is supposed to be great for keeping vibrant colors for a long time. Have you ever tried it?

Today's outfit was made up this morning, using things I had and never wore. The cardigan was 3 sizes too big, too long and had a rounded neckline. I shortened it, took in the sides and used my tutorial for how to make a sweetheart neckline. The navy skirt was originally a 70s dress that I wore once and really didn't like. The fabric is kind of stiff and the bodice of the dress had a weird collar with unflattering sleeves in stiff material and piping that was reminiscent of a maids uniform or something. Anyway, I chopped the skirt right off and added a waistband from the extra fabric and now I think it'll be one of my favorite staples!

Cardigan- refashioned by me
skirt- refashioned by me
brooch- found at an antique shop, I think
jacket- gift from a reader
shoes- Madden Girl


  1. I use overtone on my hair to keep the red bright--it works really, really well. Also, it makes my hair feel pretty awesome on top of that!

  2. That color is so pretty! Love these photos too. A thousand times YES to Overtone!! The fading prevention tricks are what drove me back to black the first time, I was so paranoid about it. This time around, I found Overtone and it's literally like the holy grail for bright colors. You don't even need to rinse your hair in cold water (in fact they said it works better with hot). I use the Extreme Orange daily conditioner (not that I wash it daily since I set it anyway), and once in awhile use the Go Deep (weekly treatment, I use it less than weekly) in Vibrant Orange. You can customize the colors too by mixing them. I have the Vibrant Red in both Daily and Go Deep but I discovered it was a bit too much red for my shade of hair. With the color your hair currently is (which looks gorgeous), I bet a mix of the red and orange would be perfect. Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough. I do also periodically alternate with a mousse conditioning refresher from the brand of dye my stylist uses, but that's more to kind of help mask my roots at about 4-5 weeks out. But really, Overtone all the way. Just smells minty fresh and was a complete game changer for me!

    1. okay you've all convinced me, I'm definitely trying Overtone next time! I wasn't sure whether to do the red or the orange (I like an orangey red a lot!) so good to know about mixing! Thanks for the advice!!

  3. Love the color! Im actually going red this week, though at a salon. Tried going red before and my hair needs to be bleached to get a vibrant color :( Love the hair and can't wait to post about my fresh color this week.

  4. I love your total look, and especially your hair! Tasha and several others also mentioned Overtone in a discussion thread on

  5. I think you pull off that vibrant shade like a total star! It suits you so well, and your skin tone looks particularly creamy with your new colour, so yep. You look amazing! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. Stunning colour!!! I love the vibrancy of your hair and outfit contrasted with the bleak colour less back ground. Well done making a beautiful look out of things you didn't like to begin with.

  7. Love your new hair color! It's so vibrant and lovely on you, so is your outfit for that matter ;)

  8. Tu es chanceuse d'avoir du beau temps! ;)
    J'habite au Québec, on a encore de la neige.
    Merci pour ces photos rafraîchissantes.

  9. Looking radiant! Love the flame hair, it's fabulous xx

  10. The new hair color looks great and I just love your great nautical outfit.

    Way to rock a warm day in winter :+)

  11. Hello there,Ciao...Wow...what a cool look! the flame hair are Great on You!...You shine such Charisma!
    nice photos and very charming outfit...cheers!

  12. Wow!!! Your hair is just stunning! I'm absolutely in love!! :D

    Katie | Wit and Whimsy

  13. Wow! This is such a stunning shade of red. I wish I could pull off colours like this but my stubborn black Asian hair makes everything difficult. And yay to wardrobe refashion! You're always a source of inspiration for me.

    xo Gwen
    Gwenstella Made

  14. You look absolutely amazing! I love the shoes and your hair! The red is to die for! I can't wait to explore you blog more. I'm loving it so far.


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