Vintage Autumn Staples with Durango


Are you as excited about autumn as I am? This week, I've been pulling my favorite jackets and cardigans out of storage to prepare for colder temps and making plans for my fall wardrobe. One thing I'm not looking forward to is putting my sandals, wedges and other open toe shoes to the back of the closet for the season. The transition has been a little easier since Durango sent me a pair of their beautiful Santa Fe beaded moccasins, which I've been wearing constantly these past few weeks. 

vintage style jeans and beaded moccasins from Durango

1940s plus size jeans outfit with pendleton 49er jacket

I often wear loafers with my jeans in the fall and winter but I love the comfort of a flat sole. In the mornings and afternoons, I've needed something like this that I can easily slip on with a durable rubber sole in case it gets icy as I get my little girl on and off the bus this season. I have heard from others that loafers are really not their cup of tea but I think a youthful sportier moccasin is a great alternative for a comfortable, vintage style shoe in colder months.

A casual gal with attitude in 1952 sports moccasins with jeans and a knit top (left) Lauren Bacall takes a break on the set of The African Queen in a smart button-down, cuffed jeans and moccasins. (right)

1940s plus size jeans and pendleton 49er with victory rolls and snood

Moccasins were a casual staple in the 1950s and 60s so they fit in perfectly with a vintage closet. Pair them with jeans, cigarette pants or a a skirt with a simple blouse. I bring a vintage Pendleton 49er with me everywhere I go, once it's chilly enough. St. Louis isn't always a wool-wearing city but when it is, I definitely take advantage of it!

embroidered vintage blouse-estate sale
Pendleton 49er jacket- thrifted
snood- Wacky Tuna
Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans- thrifted


  1. I am loving your outfit and totally love those mocs! I love mocs and always have; oh wait.. I wore them all the time in the summer as a girl in the early 60s, when we would go camping .

  2. Those are seriously some of the loveliest moccasins I've ever seen. What a sweet, stylish pair - love!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You look cute as always, dear. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi, I've just started reading your blog and Iove it. Its great that you research and put some history in there and I love seeing the outfits you put together. I love vintage but I am recently new to it and still collecting my wardrobe. Here in the UK its getting colder too so I am thinking about winter things and would never have thought of moccasins to go with my jeans and that they are in fact quite 'authentic' of the times! I have followed your pin curl tutorial and for the first time my hair actually looked a bit 1950's! Look forward to your next post :)

  5. I just started vintaging this week. Love your style! And purple moccasins ! Swoon!


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