For the Love of Amelie


Do you ever watch movies on an endless loop? I always have something playing in the background while I sew or put away laundry and lately, it's been Amelie, one of my favorites. Its such a beautiful film. I love her style, her cozy apartment, her way of finding pleasure in strange little moments,  her funny daydreams, of which I can totally relate.  If you haven't seen it, it's currently on Netflix!

amelie bunny rabbit cloud
Amelie and Nino on the ghost train
Amelie photo booth bandit

Today I thought I'd share some quirky treasures for the Amelie fan....

Amelie paper doll
Amelie paper doll art print 

Amelie bedroom dog and bird wall art

Amelie's bedroom art Fowl with Pearls     Filmhound

Amelie's bedroom pig lamp

Bedroom pig lamp

Amelie's red polka dot umbrella

red polka dot umbrella

travel with you gnome brooch amelie

garden gnome brooch

For more on Amelie's style, see my Friday Fashion and a Movie Post

I hope that you enjoy these funny little finds and if you get the time to watch Amelie this weekend, do! What's the movie that you never get tired of?


  1. How delightfully fun!!! There are some movies that I can watch over and over again for sure, too, that span the spectrum from White Christmas to Grease, any of the Naked Guns to anything Jim Carry did in the 90s (mixed bag tastes, I know!).

    Have a great weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. It is such a charming movie, perhaps I should watch it again. Lovely list of things you have curated. :)

  3. Ahh Amelie is my go to movie as well I've watched it sooo many times. I just adore it. It is visually stunning and it just makes me happy!

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