Presidents on ther Wedding Day


It's wedding season and somehow in my stumbles, I found myself checking out pics of US Presidents on their wedding day. I love seeing such high profile people having fun, being themselves and being happy. There's something really refreshing about it. So, here are our current and past 10 United States Presidents looking awfully dapper (and young!!) with their beautiful new brides on their wedding day.

barack and michelle obama wedding day
Barack and Michelle Obama

George and Laura Bush Wedding Day
George and Laura Bush

Bill and Hillary Clinton Wedding Day

Bill and Hillary Clinton

George and Barbara Bush Wedding Day

George and Barbara Bush

Ronald and Nancy Reagan Wedding Day

Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Wedding Day

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter- love her wedding outfit!!

Gerald and Betty Ford Wedding Day

Gerald and Betty Ford

Richard and Pat Nixon wedding engagement
Richard and Pat Nixon

There were no photos of the Nixon's wedding to be found but I did find this adorable shot of the two of them being silly together at their engagement party

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson wedding honeymoon

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson- honeymooners

John and Jackie Kennedy Wedding Day

John and Jackie Kennedy

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  1. Oh those are great! I love looking at wedding photos and boy was Carter a handsome man!! xox

  2. Love Betty Ford's dress! I also like the reminder that, up until about 20 years ago, weddings were not such a big expensive production. We need to go back to that. I feel bad for the young women being roped into being bridesmaids these days, it's so much work and money. And the brides are under too much pressure to put on a big show.

  3. Totally enjoyed looking at the photos..Thank you for sharing..

  4. Ohmygosh, I love Barbara Bush's wedding gown. And there story is pretty sweet too.

  5. What a great post.I think Gerald and Betty Ford were such a lovely, stylish couple and Ronald and Nancy were totally dashing on their day. Thanks for sharing these. xx Shauna


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