Announcing my 1950's repro coffee mugs today!


 Living one block away from the Missouri river, I feel the chill in the air sooner than I did when I lived in the suburbs. Although it's colder in this part of town, I love to bundle up in my vintage coat and boots and go for a walk through the neighborhood or along the river bank, and sometimes just rock on the porch in my little retro glider, with a cup of cocoa or hot cider. There's an old school house across the street and the chimney smokes in the morning when they have the furnace on full blast.

Just listed in the shop today are my brand new vintage inspired coffee mugs- featuring original vintage china and pyrex patterns from my personal collection.

                                  Available in 8 original vintage designs to match your retro kitchen decor

choose your 4 favorites or select a matching set

My parents have been selling these ceramic mugs for several years and their customers rave about how well they heat in the microwave without the handle getting hot. They are dishwasher safe so the fabulous retro designs will never chip or wear off.


Choose one mug, a matching set or mix and match only at Va-Voom Vintage Shop


  1. That is so fantastic! How neat to take the original image and replicate it...ahhh you are really clever!! xox

  2. I would love to have one of those. I think that coffee would taste much better from those cups.

    1. I drank out of my new northstar mug this morning and I assure you, it absolutely does!! :P

  3. They look so neat and nice :) Well done!

  4. How thoroughly awesome, you creative chick, you! I especially love the Franciscan, as I have a small platter I bought at a yard sale last spring with that same atomic star burst pattern on it.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love them! Do you have a sample "Mamie" mug to show?!

  6. Those are simply adorable. Not even sure which would be my favorite. Love it.

  7. Adorable! What a great idea! I love those designs, but you usually only see them in low, small, coffee cups - not nice mugs like I'm used to! I'm putting these on my list of "wishes."

  8. Great idea, so retro yet so trendy. Well done:)

  9. Very cool! Look at you, miss entrepreneur! :-)


  10. Thank you, everyone!! If these do well, I have more vintage inspired kitchenware in the works for 2013! :)

  11. Dear Brittany,I found you're blog today and am so so glad I did because you are exactly who I needed to find. I am so in awe of how wonderful you put everything together on this blog,you're tutorials and Etsy.Everything is amazingly beautiful and informative and so FUN !!!

    I too have hopes and dreams for 2013 and one of them is learning how to create a blog that is interesting and fun also to make my Etsy shop more successful and interesting too. I will follow the tips for how too's for 2013 blog Do's and Dont's. Thank you so much Brittany for all you're hard work. Merry Christmas and Happiest New Year


  12. These are so cool, I love the iconic 1950s designs.Really great blog too. xxx


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