Wow, its been a really long time since my last post, we've been enjoying summer with the kids home so much, I've lost track of time!

Having both kids home all day again has been really fun but definitely a challenge that they're not used to. It's been very rainy here in St Louis so my roofer husband has had a lot of week days off. We've been taking advantage of the time, taking the kids to the zoo, the movies, picnics at the park and our favorite, family movie night at home!

I did a quickie video tutorial for this hair scarf on Instagram:

We had a pool party two weekends ago with all of the little cousins and it was so much fun. I bought myself a fabulous watermelon umbrella from Five Below, which we tried out at our lakeside picnic last week.

Aside from family play time, I've been purging and organizing every room in the house! I start the morning with breakfast and a couple of episodes of Hoarders and suddenly I have a new perspective on getting rid of things I haven't touched in months. It's a great feeling to de-clutter!

I'm also working on making things for my etsy shop, which is reopening this fall with a new name and face. Check out Tinsel Town Accessories on Instagram for a peek at my latest happenings and inspiration for my shop. I'm stocking up on all materials pink, plastic, sparkly and fluffy!

Also this summer, I started doing some really fun live video tutorials on Facebook on Vintage Updos for Modern Girls. My style lately has been "messy mom who needs to look halfway decent in a hurry" so I'm sharing some quick tips for fixing your hair when it's a mess to start with. If you're not a member of the group, you can also check out my tutorials on my Facebook page. I've never been very comfortable doing videos, which is why my You Tube channel is so sparse but I love the live feature, being able to talk directly to people, answer questions, laugh and feel like I'm talking to friends, not just a camera. I hope you enjoy them and my frequent use of certain words ("like" and "so") , my no-makeup face and my disastrous frizzed out hair!