Making collages and Pinterest images is one of my favorite parts of blogging, silly as it sounds. I love to design pretty images and I feel so excited and proud when one of them gets a ton of re-pins and shares. They do take a lot of time to do but worth the extra effort, for sure. I'm so excited to share that BeFunky's Collage Maker tool has a new Collage Wizard feature that effortlessly generates gorgeous Pinterest-worthy collage images with the click of a button.

I love to use collages for craft and beauty tutorials here on my blog but I get the most value from them on Pinterest. While scrolling through social media feeds, collages with step by step tutorials, a well curated collection or ultimate list are some of the most eye-catching and most shared images. More shares means more traffic to your blog! I've spent up to 30 minutes on a single collage, which is crazy. Here's how to use the time saving BeFunky Collage Maker

Select the BeFunky Collage Maker tool

Upload your collage images from your computer:

 From here, click the Layouts button to choose from tons of pre-made layouts or create your own. There are layouts formatted for Facebook and Pinterest, square grids, etc.

Instead of fiddling with fitting your images into the right template and cropping each one to fit, click the Collage Wizard button and BeFunky will generate several beautiful collages to choose from.

 When you've found the collage that you love, click "Select this collage" and save it to your computer.

Adding Text to your Collage
 I like to always have text in my Pinterest and title blog images. Text is so important when it comes to re-pins and social media shares. I tinkered around in BeFunky for quite a while, playing with overlays and text, trying to figure out the best way to add text to my collage. Finally, I realized its just as easy as making the collage itself! Make a little text box in your desired font and colors and upload it with the rest of your collage images and hit the collage wizard button.

A few more tips about the BeFunky Collage Wizard:
  • You can drag and drop images to get it just the way you want it
  • If an individual image isn't quite right,click it and open it in the image editor
  • You can remove images and delete cells entirely, just by clicking on the image that you want to delete.
From uploading images to posting them on my blog, the collage that once took 30 minutes is done in less than 5! See how much time you'll free up and try out the new BeFunky Collage Maker 
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