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1940s 1950s plus size vintage fashion retro curly poodle pinup hair easy updo

A few weeks ago, I got these awesome elastic waist granny chic jeans and I basically want to wear them every single day. They're made for petites so they're cropped on my tall frame they have a very high waist with some stretch in the fabric, making them of pajama pants comfort.

1940s 1950s plus size vintage fashion retro curly poodle pinup hair easy updo

 I paired them with a thrifted button up smock in crazy bright colors that looks exactly like the shirts that my great grandma, Marmar used to wear. I need 6 cats, my knitting and cat eye glasses. Elastic waist pants are probably at the top of the list of things you shouldn't wear in public but I don't care, I'm 30, I can wear mom pants if I want to!

This morning, we had to go grocery shopping and my hair was a mess so I tried a Betty Grable inspired poodle updo for the first time. It was so quick and simple, I'll probably be wearing this look more often. Check out my little quickie tutorial on Instagram and stay tuned for a more thorough tutorial coming up soon. 

easy reto pin up curly poodle hair updo

Along with my Granny jeans, I wore some new jewelry from Jubly Umph, which I've been admiring on Instagram for a long time. Jumbly Umbh jewelry is designed in Melbourne, Australia. It is printed on stainless steel, coated with resin. I also got a few Jumbly Umph cards, which are too cute to use so I'm going to hang them by my desk. Look at the adorable packaging and little details!  I'm wearing the Crafty Tape Measure brooch and cupcake stud earrings

vintage blouse- thrifted
pink cardigan- thrifted
moccasins- c/o Durango
brooch and earrings- c/o Jubly Umph
assorted bakelite and lucite bracelets


  1. Agreed, you do rock those jeans! I want some, and I'm not a mom yet. Super stylish! (Who ever thought a millennial would say that? Not even me.)

    And oh my gosh. Your. Hair. I'm in awe.

  2. Oh my now I wish I didn't cut all my hair off. Your hair is dreamy and the mom jeans look great!

  3. I LOVE your hair like this!!! It suits you perfectly! Cant wait for the full tutorial :-)

  4. Your hair is beyond on point here. Such a great, fun style! (Much like Jubly Umph's offerings).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love the outfit. I am like you..quite tall so when I want to buy cropped pants I just look for petite pants in the thrift store. Works perfectly every time. Cheers, Michele

  6. Very cute! I did see your hair tutorial on Instagram and was feeling quite inspired by it! I am not sure when I'll have time to give it a go, but it's there, at the back of my mind now. xx

  7. Your hair is AWESOME! What a fun style when you're rushed in the morning. And I absolutely love the blouse and sweater combo with the cupcake earrings. LOVE. That's the exact kind of mood I've been in, but alas, my wardrobe is mostly black. Boo! Hiss! I might have to add some bright colors to shake things up.

  8. Your hair is perfection!

    Also, yes, wear what you want! You are rocking these!


  9. Love your hair and cute look! I have total hair envy!! Thank you so much for featuring my pieces :)

  10. I adore elastic granny jeans. I get mine from Walmart. Regular button and zipper jeans seem to never fit me correctly. Plus what I also like about granny jeans is the fabric is not super stiff.

  11. Nothing granny about that amazing poodle do! You are rocking it! I must say that the comfort level of your jeans sounds up there and I'm totally keen to try out a pair myself now. ;) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  12. You are just darling. I would put these on and look like frump lady, but you pull off the whole thing so well. I just found your blog today and am so happy to be here!


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