This Saturday, I woke up with all of the motivation and great intentions in the world. Then, while washing dishes around 9am, got this sudden feeling of getting hit by a truck. Some horrible cold/flu/plague like illness struck me down, along with Olivia and I've been stuck in bed ever since.

On the up side, I picked up a knitting project that I started back in September and decided I should probably finish it. I posted this 1950s bulky cardigan pattern ages ago. Mine is in the prettiest chunky emerald yarn. I attempted to change the pattern a little bit but since basic math is not in my skill set, I failed miserably and had to take out several inches of knitting.

This time, I decided I had better stick to the pattern and I'm having much better luck with it. I did notice that the original has a typo, however, so if you downloaded the pattern, please check the edits on the post!

While knitting and curled up with my phone over the weekend, I found some nifty things to share:

If you love history and fashion (which, obviously, you do!) check out the Hidden Killers documentary series, which you can find on You Tube. The Victorian episode had some particularly interesting facts about cosmetics and beauty devices used in the period, which made me happy to be a modern girl! How about a Victorian corset exercise?

I found a new Instagram editing app today that I really love. It's called PicLab and has some super cute fonts and overlays. There's a free version but I unlocked all of the extras for $1.99. Well worth it for a cute font addict. As soon as my sore throat is gone, that's going in my blender!  Get the recipe from Dessert for Two

peach wine slushies from