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Beat the Winter Blues Week 2

Sunday, December 6, 2015

If you're following along on Instagram @vavoomvintage, we're sharing how we beat the winter blues this month. Catch up on week one here. 

Week 2

December 8- Full Spectrum: In place of natural sun light, try full spectrum lighting as a mood booster. I have a sun lamp that I set in my kitchen window while I wash dishes and I also replace many bulbs throughout the house with full spectrum bulbs

December 9- Close off the dark: When the sun starts to set before 6pm, it can be depressing for anyone. I always feel so tired, regardless of the time on the clock. To trick myself and enjoy my entire evening, I close the curtains and blinds right at sunset and turn on lights. If I don't peek outside, it may as well be daytime! I also hang pretty vintagey curtains in every room and make sure to open every window in the morning to take advantage of the sun while it lasts

December 10-if I can't be there: In the winter, I often wish I lived somewhere warmer or that I could go on vacation to a far away tropical place. If I can't be there now, I plan for one! Start a pinterest board of a feasible vacation destination for next spring or summer, even if it's a staycation in your own city or within driving distance. Look up things to see, places to eat, hunt around for coupons and lodging. Set a jar for loose change in the kitchen and set up a vacation fund, even if it's just a few bucks per week. Having something to look forward to and taking control and making plans always makes me feel so much better about things.

December 11- beautiful reads: Now is a great time to start a reading list! Use the next few months to pour yourself into the entire works of a favorite author or a series that you just never found the time to read. Ask friends on social media for their favorites. I'm currently reading The Help
December 12-my happy color: color plays a major role in our moods and emotions. Fill your home, office or wardrobe with colors that make you really happy and brighten up your space. Cubicles can be so gray and homes can be so dark. Add some unexpected pops of color, even in the smallest form. Try a couple of wild colored throw pillows or a fluffy area rug or a painting of your own from a class that you started taking (see last week's list!).

December 13-sing and dance: We all have those moments during our day when our minds are free to wander and we start to worry, nag, freak out and feel depressed. My time is usually while I'm washing dishes or putting away laundry. Fill this time with music that makes you really happy. Something you used to listen to when you were a teenager or maybe something new. My favorite is She and Him or Stevie Nicks radio on Pandora.

December 14-let it snow: Snow used to be such a bummer for me because I had to wear shoes I didn't like and snow in St Louis is really wet and sludgy. Now,  try to look forward to the snow. We make our favorite soups, build snow men with the kids and every year during the worst snow day when everyone ends up at home, we make cinnamon rolls and watch The Seven Year Itch. Start a snow day tradition and look forward to it every winter!

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