Beat the Winter Blues with me!

I've posted in the past about my battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This seasonal depression typically begins in late fall to early winter and can be debilitating. If you think you may have SAD, your doctor can help!

In addition to prescription medication, there's lots of things that I do to get through the winter and maintain a happy mood most of the time. Throughout December, I'm hosting a month long Instagram challenge to beat the winter blues! Join me at #beatdecemberblues @vavoomvintage

               WEEK 1

December 1 - Taste of Summer: In the winter, I keep a stash of my favorite summery flavors on hand for rough days. Iced tea, lemons, strawberries and watermelons are my favorite. 

December 2- Soak up the Sun: sunshine is scientifically proven to improve ones mood. Find a sunny window to set up a reading nook or bundle up and step outside when the sun is shining. Even a few minutes makes a big difference!

December 3- Busy Hands: Winter is a hard time for many because its hard to do your favorite hobbies when its so cold. Take a class either in person or online and try a new hobby to keep your hands busy and mind off of things for a while. In the past I've taken calligraphy classes, watercolor classes and graphic design classes on Skillshare. Check out Craftsy for things like sewing, knitting, crochet, soap making and baking.

December 4- Soft and Cozy: The best part of winter for me is fluffy socks and over sized sweaters. Treat yourself to something soft and cozy to keep you warm this winter. Bonus points for pretty colors and patterns!

December 6- On the Move: For physical and mental health, get your body moving. Exercise is a tried and true mood booster and even better to get in shape for those cute summer clothes! Lately, I've been loving the Bettie Page Fitness DVD and the 30 day Yoga challenge on You Tube

December 7- Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with depression for a long time. An over the counter daily multi vitamin does the trick for me but you can also talk to your doctor about more vitamin supplements to help balance everything out.


  1. I love this! I too, suffer from SAD, but not, I don't think, to your extent. I will certainly be giving these a try though!

  2. I found a daylight therapi lamp at a flea market, and I have to get better at using it, because I've heard it helps. DH and I goes for a long walk almost every night. It is dark but the fresh air helps a lot, and we talk so nicely while walking (not that we don't talk else). How about a post about the Bettie Page workout DVD? I am considering it, and would love your review of it. Have a lovely day. :)

  3. Hello dear.
    I'm not feeling the chilly depression, but I must admit that it is hard(er) to push yourself into doing things. I like to walk. So, come winter I tell myself: it is TIME to walk the chill out of my bones. I have slow circulation and brisk walking really gets my blood going faster, therefore warms my hands and feet.
    This is great.
    I'll try some of these.


  4. Brittany thanks for hosting this event. I recently my narcolepsy has worsen due to a lot of stress and with that comes depression. Then of course narcoleptics have a vitamin D deficiency so that doesn't help. I needed to get my mind off all that and I'm glad your hosting this photo challenge. Here's hoping everyone has a happy December!


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