plus size retro 1950s skirt and pendleton 49er jacket

A few weeks ago,  I took my little sister to the Red Racks thrift store to pick out a new outfit for her for an upcoming job interview. I love the Red Racks! They're so well organized, with things sorted by size and everything they carry is really nice, quality stuff. Some of my local thrift stores stock some pretty questionable thing that probably should have ended up in the trash but I knew we'd find her some classy things at the Red Racks.

While we were shopping for her, I passed by the skirt rack and saw this retro fabric peeking out. It's a 50s cotton skirt! I desperately need more skirts and although it was a bit small for me, I brought it home anyway.

 I removed the waistband, zipper and pleats and re-pleated it to fit my waist. Since it has a deep hem sewn in, I pulled a little fabric out of the hem to lengthen my waistband. Reattached the zipper, waistband and it's perfect! Don't ever pass up a too small or too big skirt with pleats if you love it. It's an easy adjustment! I wore it that weekend for a breakfast picnic by the river.

plus size retro 1950s skirt and pendletn 49er jacket

vintage picnic basket

plus size vintage  1950s skirt and pendleton jacket

Pendleton jacket- warehouse sale
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50s skirt- thrifted
snood- Wacky Tuna