This weekend, I started knitting mittens for Olivia. Since she starts school in a few weeks, I'm suddenly obsessed with kids fashion and even started a Pinterest board called Lulu's School Style for inspiration.

Some of my favorite things....

handmade pencil scarf from Sara Carr on etsy

Although most of her school wardrobe will include thrift store finds, some little things will be handmade.  I hate to spend so much time making things that my kids will grow out of but there are a few accessories that I'm looking forward to making myself. Those are the kids of things that they can at least wear for more than a year and  then they'll be tucked away into a box to be found again when they're grown ups.

I have never knitted mittens before so I found this simple pattern for flat knit mittens ( I can't do knitting in the round yet!) from Bev's Country Cottage and some inspiration for embroidery and colors from Cozy Things

embroidered flower knitted mittens from va voom vintage

These little mittens were so quick! I am not a super fast knitter but I did one mitten per evening with a little time the next day embroidering the flowers. I used vintage crewel wool from my grandma for the flowers and the grey yarn was in my stash. I'll be knitting some red ones with strawberry seeds also for Olivia and some blue ones with anchors on them for my little pirate loving boy. It will be a while before St. Louis is cold enough for mittens but when it is, we'll be ready in style!

Now, to try socks!

hand knit childrens gray mittens with embroidered wool flowers from va voom vintage