"This can be anything you want" and other blogging wisdom from Louis CK

I've been watching a lot of Louis CK comedy lately. I love that man. He's so offensive and nasty and -so- wise. Like everything that comes out of his mouth I say "Oh my god, that's true!"

As a writer and creator who puts his raw self out there for the world to either love or hate, I have so much respect for him because as bloggers, we do that too. 

I was reading an interview with him the other day and he was talking about how his story writing was getting kinda long to just be one episode.  He said , "...so I wrote a card that says This can be anything you want and it sat on my desk the rest of the season."

Bloggers so often get tied up in what the readers want. We're "creating content" for the readers, choosing blog design that the readers would like, hosting giveaways for the readers. And yeah, it's good to always think about what kinds of things your readers like but really, we all need a card on our desk that says This can be anything you want.  Your blog should always be about the things you love. When I wrote my blog post about how I make time for blogging and family, I got some comments about how people can't put that much work into a blog and that its exhausting or they feel obligated. In 4 years of non-stop blogging I have never felt like this is an obligation and although it is a job, it never feels like work because I love it, it's my passion and it makes me happy!

In season 3 of his show, Louis got a little crazy and dark and although it wasn't what viewers of the show came there to see, it was fantastic and inspirational and you could tell that he was really loving being able to tell his story the way he wanted to instead of living up to other people's expectations. I've seen a lot of bloggers try to cling to the original purpose of their blog although they have grown and evolved in their own life and you can always tell that they aren't having fun with it anymore. We all change, let your blog change with you. Readers will enjoy the honesty.

Another bit of wisdom from The Man is- he was talking about his offensive jokes and the interviewer asked if he has ever been asked to apologize for jokes he's made. He said, "It's a really desperate thing to need everybody to be really happy with everything you say."

Again, as bloggers, we try so hard to entertain readers,  to be liked and even...loved. If you wrote a post that you thought was really good, you got 10 really nice comments and one person came along and said "Hey, this post is shit." How would you feel? I used to feel angry, then sad and doubting myself. When I lost a follower, I'd question myself. What am I doing wrong? What did I say to make them want to leave?

The truth is, no matter how awesome you and your blog is, you're going to lose followers, you're going to get someone who doesn't like a post for whatever reason. Like Louis said, it's desperate to want to make them all happy and trying is like swimming up stream with an anchor tied to your leg. So, next time you get an unlike on your Facebook page or someone un-follows you or even says that your blog is shit- remember that you aren't doing this for that person. You're doing it for you and for the readers that enjoy what you have to say. They can go find another blog to read and you'll keep doing your thing.

There are thousands of blogs out there and I don't like even a percentage of them but the ones I do like, I love! Write your blog for yourself and for the readers that keep coming back. Let your blog be anything you want it to be.

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Anyway, stay tuned for Day 3 of our bullet bra sew-along tomorrow!


  1. I like this! I think you're right that you can definitely tell when a blogger is no longer passionate and is simply going through the motions.

  2. This is brilliant!! I love that I just got blogging tips from Louis CK lol. And seriously, how spot on is the advice? (Very spot on.) One of my favorite quotes is "There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing". I try to live by those words in both blogging and general life.

  3. I so needed to read this today. I started blogging because I liked writing for myself...I enjoyed having a space to just write without caring who sees it. Now I have about 80 or so followers that NEVER comment and it makes me wonder why they are even here....I start thinking maybe I should post thing they would like to read so that maybe they'll comment or something. But if I start doing that I'll be compromising my blog because its supposed to be a personal space, not somewhere to get famous! This was a great reminder that I write for me...just me.

  4. Great post! I try really hard to remember to write my blog for me. There was a time a few years ago where I would get dressed in the morning and think about what would appeal to my readers! Isn't that a bit crazy?! Those days are long gone and I've discovered that being myself and being passionate about what I write about is enough to keep people coming back.

    Lisa. :)

  5. Story of my life hun. I am with you on this all the way! It is soooo darn true. Just do what makes you happy and if its not harming anyone or taking away from anyone then it is the right thing to do. I love this post! Going to share it now! xox

  6. Love!!!! Such a good post! I'm all about having fun with it. If I'm not feeling it one day then I just wait to post til I'm feeling great! It's much more enjoyable that way. Thank for this!

  7. This is a wonderful post. I remember reading or hearing Sofia Coppola talking about advice she received from her father, Francis Ford Coppola, about filmmaking. He said make each film as personal as possible, that's where the best films come from. That applies to any artistic endeavor. If you try to please everyone, it won't please anyone. If you're not making your vision, why are you making anything at all?

  8. Preach it!! When I first attempted blogging, I tried so hard to be something I wasn't and to be like other vintage bloggers, and it WAS obligatory work, not so much fun. Now that I'm figuring things out and blogging about what I love without worrying about if it fits in the "vintage niche" properly, I'm having way more fun!

  9. This should be printed and posted on many fridges out there.
    I got tangled up once, trying to please everyone, making post that was supposed to reach as many readers as possible, writing for "the mases" and the mases stopped writing back. People can feel when we try "to hard", they can sence there's something wrong with the blog when it's too focused on "what do you think".
    So I braved out the "safe" blog, and deleted it.
    Naturaly, I care about what people think. However, I willnot write a story that does not inspire ME, because - if it's not working for ME, why should others bother reading it?
    My blog is my diary.
    And I welcome people to read it (or not), post a comment if they like it, or not. :)

    All in all:
    stellar post, darling
    We all needed it.


  10. I love Louis CK. We just finished the last season on Netflix and I can't wait for the next one!

    I also often get caught up in trying to get everyone to like me at times, but that line from a Rick Nelson song always pops into my head:

    "But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well. You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself."

    I have never felt like I fit in anywhere, so I have to remind myself that it's ok to just be me. Sometimes on the internet this can be especially difficult because it seems that people feel they can be cruel and rude and obnoxious without consequences. At times, it makes me just want to leave the internet altogether. There are only a few reasons I still stick around. Blogs like yours are one of them. :)

  11. Great post, I don't know Louis CK, but I love your blog. :) "Can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself" as Ricky Nelson sings. There can be a lot of reasons why a reader "unfollows" you, we don't know their life either. What I don't like is all the hate. It is so easy to write a harsh comment, but why should you? If you don't like a blog, then don't read it - it's as simple as that.

  12. Excellent post and points, honey. Tony and I have been fans of his for years, too. I like that he's so frank, so spot on accurate, and never afraid to call a spade a spade. I love that you raised this topic - it truly can become easy, bit by bit, here and there, to get away from just posting what your heart desires and to tailor your site (and posts) more to the perceived desires of your audience. There's nothing wrong with that per se, so long as you still enjoy what you're writing about, but it never hurts to blog simply for your own sake, not for comment numbers, FB likes, to please sponsors, or for SEO purposes. This post is a valuable reminder for every blogger the whole wide web over.

    ♥ Jessica


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