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PSA: That thing aint bakelite

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is a public service announcement....

In September, I took a trip to Springfield, MO for a little vintage shopping with my best friend, Amanda. While on the trip, I found this cute little cherry dress clip in an antique shop. It was $8, had cherries on it so I bought it.
It had a little crack in it and since then, the little crack has caused a chip in one of the cherries and I can see what's inside. The cherries are made of wood, dipped in lacquer.

 Since my trip, I have seen these things all over the internet, being sold as celluloid and on ebay this morning, I spotted one being sold as bakelite. Come on, ebay sellers!!  Like I said, it's wood. It's still vintage, cute as can be and I adore mine but make note and don't shell out a bakelite price for these things. Thank you for listening to my rant.

9 Responses to “PSA: That thing aint bakelite”

  1. Thanks for the warning! Cant wait to learn more about it on my visit. Crazy how people are passing things off!! xox

  2. Thank you, I think that people sometimes sell things with a mindset that it's from the 40's so it's got to be... this material or that. And then there are sellers who know and still pass it off as something else. So being informed is important here if your are going to sell or buy. I was recently looking for a cherry pin and they are about 100-200 dollars, I decided not to go that route. Thanks for this post.

  3. Don't they know the rub it and smell it trick to figure out if it's Bakelite?

  4. Very cute but yes definitely wood eh?! I hate people passing things off as something it's not and always charging crazy prices!

  5. An enviable collection if ever there was one! I am only a humble owner of fakeilite :( *sigh*

  6. That doesn't mean they are *all* made of wood, but it's good to be wary and ask questions before buying for sure!! Super cute either way, and now you can fix it with a bit of nail polish :D

  7. I don't know, I'd be pretty surprised to find the exact same design that actually was bakelite. I'm always really disappointed to see sellers claiming that their stuff is a collectable, valuable piece when it clearly isn't. I could totally see mistaking lacquered wood or spun cotton for celluloid, since it has such a similar texture, weight, etc but not bakelite. There are so many obvious ways to test things. I just bought a set of "bakelite" bracelets online and had them arrive- turned out to be average plastic because the seller didn't know what they were doing and it turned out to be a huge hassle for everyone:(

  8. Thank you! There are a lot of greedy and shady sellers out there.

  9. I agree with Kim. Over here in the UK eBay is full of people who are full of s**t, someone tried to sell a bone necklace as Bakelite and I just had to say something. The seller did thank me in the end and said it was from a vintage shop in a bag written Bakelite on it.
    I've stopped trying because there's too many "Bakelite?" listings and when you ask if they could do the rub test (You can't get Simichrome over here) they can't be bothered.

    I love your blog and I hope to be a frequent reader this year.

    Happy New Year.


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