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Fashion and Film Friday: Atonement

Friday, January 15, 2010

kiera knightly in atonement 1930s white bathing suit pool scene

Atonement is a great movie for fashion inspiration, but keep some kleenex nearby because it's a tear-jerker. Set in 1930's England, it's a story of a very confused and nosy little girl who accuses her sister's lover of a crime that he didn't commit.

 juno temple as lola in attonement

kiera knightly in atonement 1930s nurse uniform
va voom vintage atonement movie fashion

2 Responses to “Fashion and Film Friday: Atonement”

  1. yeah this is just one fashionable film! Great Atonement inspired fashion picks, too!

  2. Thank you! Wouldn't you just kill for a pair of those green heels? To quote Tyra Banks "Oooh, Fierce!!!"


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